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Dancing Fools and all that Jazz


What do a dress designer, IT recruitment officer, nanny, librarian, dentist and dinner lady have in common? Their love of dance and Clarissa’s amateur dance group. Now they are heading to Paris for the finals of the Expression competition. But the women are carrying more baggage than just their costumes.


Betrayal, theft and competition skulduggery conspire to threaten their bid to beat their fierce rivals, Bold as Brass.


Narrated by five of the key dancers, can the power of women’s friendships overcome the obstacles put in their way?

In the ilk of 'Calendar Girls', Dancing Fools and all that Jazz is an UpLit contemporary fiction. Perfect for a holiday read.

Dancing Fools and all that Jazz - in submission to publishers. Winner in 'Pop Up Submissions' (watch at 44m in)

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