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The Chroma Boxset

Chroma Trilogy Box Set.png

Imogen Reiner, almost seventeen, can see the colour of lies. She can read Chroma, the invisible aura of colours we all emit betraying our deepest emotions.
But why is she so different? Who is hunting her family and why do enemy forces want her dead?

It is May 2016 and in a matter of days, Imogen's life is completely flipped. Two young men enter her life uninvited; the light-hearted Leo and the seductive Araz. One was sent to protect her, the other to capture her. Can she trust either? Imogen only has her grandfather to turn to, but he is frustratingly silent when it comes to answering her many deep soul-searching questions. As she is bequeathed a mysterious locket, the enemy closes in and she suddenly finds herself caught up in a battle with far-reaching consequences.

In this epic coming of age adventure, Imogen is about to uncover the shocking truth about her history and identity. It will take her on a journey crossing space and time and change everything she has taken for granted. Can she save those she loves and discover where her destiny lies?

The Chroma Box Set (Kindle version) is available now on Amazon .

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