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Chroma Book 3

Imogen's Destiny

Readers Favourite 5 Stars - B Fleetwood.

Imogen and her family are in hiding on Earth. It is only a matter of time before they are hunted down by the dark forces of the corrupt Holan regime.

Imogen has stolen Kekara’s sacred stone, but can she uncover the shocking secret it hides? Or learn the truth behind the powerful Tractus technology, capable of jumping a person through space and time?

The future of both her own people and the human race is at stake.

With Araz and Naomi held prisoner on Holis, Imogen must uncover the terrible secrets alone and decide if her destiny lies on Earth or Holis.

"A wonderful reading experience." 5* Ruffina Oserio, Readers' Favorite

"I couldn't put it down!" Allie Cresswell, Best-selling UK author

"The descriptions are incredible and the way the story is told makes reading it a sensory experience. Such a fitting end to an incredible series!" 5* Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite

"I would recommend this book and trilogy to all lovers of fantasy." Natasha Du Plessis, Reviewer THE Book Club

Can Imogen unlock the secret hidden on the sacred stone? Can she uncover the truth about the Tractus, the teleportation device capable of crossing space and time? 
As dark forces of the Holan regime hunt her down, all of mankind is in danger. Where does her destiny lie?
Time is running out...

Book 3

"Imogen's Destiny"

Book 3 of the Chroma Trilogy


Finalist in the Readers' Favorite Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic category 2020

Imogen's Secret available now on Amazon

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