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Weekly Winner - Whoop!

Not really knowing what I had let myself in for, I sent the first 700 words of my new book into 'Pop-up Submissions' by Litopia. This is a 'Dragon's Den' for unpublished works. This brilliant, professional site hosted by Peter Cox, literary agent, select a narrator to read the 700 words (and boy - was she good!). A panel of experts then score it for title, blurb, craft and bang.

I literally hid behind the sofa, my stomach churning, to see what they made of 'Dancing Fools and all that Jazz'. So, imagine my relief when it received an 'unprecedented high score' and became the weekly winner! Whoop indeed.

If you want a sneak peek at the opening and see what the critics thought, use the link below. Dancing Fools and all that Jazz is the 4th book up and 59 mins into the recording.

Will I be the monthly winner? Watch this space...

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